“My vision is to work with leaders interested in creating a more civil society where its citizens have the opportunity to experience their dreams." Our motto is "Leading change by changing yourself.”  
           Carolyn Love, Principal, Kebaya Coaching ~ Consulting
As an experienced leadership and organizational development company committed to supporting leaders in achieving their goals and successfully managing the change process, Kebaya Coaching ~ Consulting Inc. provides three interconnected services to the nonprofit community and those organizations working with the nonprofit sector.

Leadership is synonymous with change and change is inevitable.  
Kebaya Coaching ~ Consulting Inc. provides organizations with the tools to enhance personal performance and the performance of the organization by designing successful change interventions.

Carolyn Love is the principal of Kebaya Coaching ~ Consulting Inc. 
To best serve the unique needs of each client a diverse team of seasoned, highly skilled professional coaches, consultants and trainers are invited to collaborate on projects. Carolyn Love is responsible for monitoring the consulting team and their work products.

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Carolyn Love, Ph.D.